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6830 Chiasso Switzerland

Performed activities

Performed activities


The company was born due to the long-lasting experience in the financial, commercial and industrial sector, of its shareholders, administrators, directors and collaborators; its administrators have a consolidated experience in the financial and commercial sector, and possess suitable requirements of professionalism and independence. 

The most part of our customers is made up of small and medium-sized enterprises which operate in the sectors of production, commerce, construction, and services.

The activities that can be performed by our company include commercial, industrial, real estate, and building industry consultancy for new investments, or for investments that already occurred, in Switzerland or other countries. Studies, research and analysis in the economical, statistic, commercial, industrial, real estate, and construction subjects. Drafting of industrial plans, quantitative and quantitative control of production and relative industrial costs, using methods of our own as well as third parties’. Market research for commercial and marketing strategies. Commercial information and evaluation of solvency for investments that may take place in the industrial, commercial, construction and real estate sectors. Evaluating rationality for new industrial, commercial, and construction projects. Management and data processing of computer services, in the economic and statistic sectors. Coordination of seminars. Encounters. Plans and courses for studies. Formation and employee training. Consultancy for structure, industrial and commercial strategy, studying, research and supply of technologies for the turnkey construction of industrial factories, establishments and productive units. Predispositions of studies of feasibility. Determination of financial requirements as well as facilitated coverage. Analysis of financial returns. Analysis of assets, patents, and trade-marks. Sourcing. Consolidation. Transferring the corporate “know how”. Research and promotion of joint ventures. Supply of logistical and organizational services. Assisting operations of relocation of production, both throughout the entire process or in certain phases of it. Granting simple surety bonds or subject to a conditional clause to guarantee commercial, industrial, real estate, or constructions operations and so third-party obligations. Granting statements to pursue the economic, financially sustainable, and profitable rationality of the industrial, real-estate and/or commercial investment. Evaluate the technical capacity and solvency of the enterprise promoting the investment. Another part of our company’s social purpose is the intake of the representation of other company’s and their management both in Switzerland and other countries. Our company can also perform any other activity directly or indirectly connected to our social purpose, constructing branches, secondary offices, subsidiaries and affiliated agencies as well as participate under any form to other companies having similar purposes in Switzerland and other countries. All the activities we perform, can be performed both in Switzerland and other countries. In regards to the activity of granting simple surety bonds or subject to a conditional clause to guarantee commercial, industrial, real estate, or constructions operations and so third-party obligations it is considered appropriate to point out that we are a commercial company therefore the surety bonds granted by us cannot be compared nor from a substantial point nor from a formal point to the ones granted from banks, and insurance companies nor from a solvency profile, nor from control form the authorities (Our company is not supervised by any banking, insurance or financial authority) and nor from a legal point of view (since Swiss and European laws require that the bonds according to the laws must be granted from banks, insurance companies and sometimes from financial institutions and have certain requisites also for the prompt enforceability); Furthermore our company is not inscribed in any register or list of the bank, or insurance financial authority nor in Switzerland nor in any other country and we perform all our activities exclusively in our offices in Switzerland, and we do not have offices elsewhere, so we do not have to be subject to foreign’ countries’ regulations.

Our company when conducting its activities is supported by professionals, and other companies of consultants and professionals of proven reliability, seriousness, competence and effectiveness.

“This document is a simple translation into English of the original document in Italian, the official language of Cantone Ticino, which can be found on the website Therefore, in the event of inaccuracies, errors, imprecisions, or difficulties in interpreting this document, the original document in Italian shall prevail; this also applies if there is a contrast between what is reported in this document and what is reported in the original document in Italian. - Il presente documento è la traduzione semplice in lingua inglese del documento originario in lingua italiana, lingua ufficiale del Cantone Ticino, presente sul sito; pertanto in caso di inesattezze, errori, imprecisioni, difficoltà interpretative del presente documento, prevale il documento originario in lingua Italiana; questo anche nel caso in cui vi fosse un contrasto fra quanto riportato nel presente documento e quanto riportato sul documento originario in lingua Italiana.”