Via Livio, 14 – Building Grassi
6830 Chiasso Switzerland

Reporting Fees

Reporting Fees

Notice to the commercial organisation on the procedures for preparing the accounting and administrative documents relative to the customers reporting fees.

The accounting document the collaborator/ broker relative to the reporting fees will have to be drafted according to the laws of the state where he has his registry office or is domiciled, and will have to:

  1. be registered to CSC COMPAGNIA SVIZZERA CAUZIONI S.A. Via Livio, 14 – Palazzo Grassi, Chiasso 6830 Svizzera codice IDI: CHE-174.771.881; 
  2. be drafted using the currency of the country where the accountable document is being sent from;
  3. has to include the pertinent details of the party which send the accounting document, such as: Corporate name or first name and last name, registry office/ headquarters or domicile, Tax ID allocated in the country where it has it’s registry office/ headquarters or domicile.
  4. provide an analytical description of the corporate name of the customers for whom the payment of the reporting fee is for, the analytical amount of the fees received by CSC COMPAGNIA SVIZZERA CAUZIONI S.A. and the analytical amount of commission payable to the broker/ collaborator/ signaller;
  5. provide the necessary details for the payment to be made, exclusively through bank transfer: Bank name, Bank address, Swift/Bic code, IBAN code;
  6. be sent to CSC COMPAGNIA SVIZZERA CAUZIONI S.A., Via Livio, 14 – Palazzo Grassi, 6830 Chiasso Svizzera. 

Any further clarification or information can be requested to our accounting department: tel. 0041.91.2103294 e-mail:;

“This document is a simple translation into English of the original document in Italian, the official language of Cantone Ticino, which can be found on the website Therefore, in the event of inaccuracies, errors, imprecisions, or difficulties in interpreting this document, the original document in Italian shall prevail; this also applies if there is a contrast between what is reported in this document and what is reported in the original document in Italian. - Il presente documento è la traduzione semplice in lingua inglese del documento originario in lingua italiana, lingua ufficiale del Cantone Ticino, presente sul sito; pertanto in caso di inesattezze, errori, imprecisioni, difficoltà interpretative del presente documento, prevale il documento originario in lingua Italiana; questo anche nel caso in cui vi fosse un contrasto fra quanto riportato nel presente documento e quanto riportato sul documento originario in lingua Italiana.”