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Consulting for companies

Consulting for companies

The Company provides its customers with qualified consultancy services such as economic consultancy, management of computer services and data processing of an economic nature, study, research and analysis in economic matters, training and education of personnel, consultancy to companies regarding structure, industrial and commercial strategies, consultancy to companies in order to obtain community contributions.

Business development strategies are the foundation on which to base all subsequent management actions. The entrepreneur sometimes has the idea, the technical skills to develop a product, but is unable to build and simulate in advance the strategic path of growth.

A solid business plan that is consistent with the goals set by the entrepreneur makes it possible to understand whether the business formula is sustainable in dealings with lenders, and whether it is sufficiently profitable to be implemented.

The Company, through its Directors, enables the entrepreneur to effectively govern the progress of the business plan, making informed choices through which to achieve a satisfactory level of profitability.

Business consulting in today's global marketplace is often necessary for companies that can no longer rely solely on the strengths of their own sales staff. It is necessary to develop a new and effective business development strategy, if you do not want to be left at the post and see your company slowly die because of the progressive decline in sales.

Not even the good quality of a product, or a competitive price, can sometimes overcome the blockage that characterises the negative trend of many companies. It is therefore necessary to provide the company with a perfect commercial organisation, which can address global markets with the competitiveness that is needed in the crucial moments of a company's life.

The Company can make a crucial contribution to solving this type of problem. The Company can offer strategic business advice that is instrumental in solving this type of problem and fostering real business development.


- Preparation of statements and feasibility studies

- Commercial and legal advice for extraordinary transactions in Switzerland and abroad (mergers, demergers, company transformations, transfers of headquarters)

- Domestic and foreign due diligence

- Advising on commercial matters in Switzerland and in major European jurisdictions

- Management consulting

- Commercial, administrative and organisational consulting

- Contractual consulting in commercial matters

- Business information

- IT consulting

- Analysis and studies on the customers, on the competition, on the suppliers, and on the human resources

- Advice for the purchase of instrumental goods

- consulting for investments in technology and information on computer technology

- consulting for clean energy investments

- consultancy for the constitution of stocks

- consultancy for the consolidation of liabilities

- consultancy for export

- consultancy for the acquisition of orders

- consulting for commercial penetration in new foreign markets

- consulting on contracts

- consultancy for payment of taxes

- consultancy for qualification of craftsmanship and typical local activities

- consultancy for obtaining quality certification

- consultancy for adaptation to environmental and health regulations

In the event of a company crisis, the Company carries out a diagnosis of the state of health of the companies in crisis, and for this it must take into consideration multiple indicators, some concerning the operational area, and other, more important, concerning the economic and financial area. 

In the operational area, there are indicators such as declining market share, prices that are no longer competitive, products that are no longer desirable to the market, disputes etween partners, etc.. Affecting the economic and financial area, are usually high financial charges, rising debt, lack of equity, operating loss. 

But those that indicate a state of serious business crisis are mostly: 

- Operating loss of 8 - 12% per year, up for the past three fiscal periods;

- Borrowing costs greater than 8% of sales, also increasing for the past three fiscal periods;

- Stability or loss of revenue for more than 3 fiscal periods;

- The ratio of debt to equity greater than 5;

- Short-term debt greater than medium/long-term debt. 

Recognising the state of serious crisis is not enough to determine the strategy, because unfortunately the first obstacle to overcome is that of making the entrepreneur also recognise it. If this obstacle is overcome, the strategy for the recovery of companies in crisis is set in motion, taking into consideration three fundamental elements: 

1) The desire to continue on the part of the entrepreneur; If the entrepreneur, risking his business assets, sometimes his personal assets, his image, and decades of hard work in building his business, is determined to continue and resolve, almost always the goal of getting out of the crisis can be achieved. 

2) The existence of real estate assets; Often there is no personal liquidity on the part of the entrepreneur, and then the existence of real estate assets (corporate or personal) that allow the creation, with their disposal, of fresh liquidity and not derived from third parties to be placed in the company, becomes very important. 

3) If the banks perceive the will to reorganise (with recapitalisation) through the new Industrial Plan or Business Plan, and through the brief description of the various operational phases of the way out and acquire confidence in the new management, then obtaining new finance will be less difficult. 

There is also another way to go, and that is the procedure of bankruptcy, and the possible subsequent relaunch of a newco that avoids the loss of value of the brand, or the product.

First of all, it is necessary to implement management processes that are typical in situations of this kind, such as dealing with suppliers, banks, trade unions, internal union representatives, clients, technical assistance, as well as reviewing all contracts still in place at that date. Corporate restructuring is the most difficult and laborious solution, because it points straight to the choice of continuity. It is usually a radical intervention that, in addition to drastically cutting costs, involves a complete corporate reorganisation and redefines strategized and investments.  

Essential to the achievement of the relaunch are the quality of the product, the scope for potential market growth, and the image and distinction of the brand. 

Next, all the measures that the law prescribes must be adopted, with the intervention of the various professionals who are required in this type of procedure. 

The road to debt restructuring must also take into account the relaunch of the firm. When a company finds itself in a severe liquidity crisis due to its high level of indebtedness, it must strongly consider the possibility of availing itself of business and management consulting companies that are able to intervene. The intervention may take many months, but it must be orderly, correct and rigorous. 

The path that the company must take in the event of debt restructuring and the consequent relaunch of the business, under our guidance and also by means of temporary managers and professionals with specific business/legal skills, must pass through a number of stages, which can be identified as follows 

- calculation of the debt to be restructured;

- carrying out a new planning process,

- negotiating the plan with suppliers;

- negotiating the plan with financial institutions;

- negotiating the plan with the tax authorities. 

All the phases described above should enable the company to relocate its business on the reference market, recovering the financial balance previously lost.

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