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Warnings for the complaints procedure

Notice on the complaints procedure

Subject to Swiss jurisdiction for any dispute that may arise in relation to and as a consequence of the activity carried out by CSC COMPAGNIA SVIZZERA CAUZIONI SA and, where not derogated by Swiss legislation, of the Court where CSC COMPAGNIA SVIZZERA CAUZIONI SA has its headquarters (except in the case where the contract signed and accepted by the parties does not expressly provide for the application of a conventional derogation, exclusively and without fail, of a specific foreign legislation and of a specific foreign Court, so that for any and all disputes that may arise in connection with and as a consequence of the aforementioned contract, the provisions of the local civil code and of the local code of civil procedure are applied), in the event that a dispute arises between the parties and CSC COMPAGNIA SVIZZERA CAUZIONI SA regarding the interpretation and application of any contract, they have the possibility, before referring the matter to the competent Judicial Authority, to use the instruments for the amicable settlement of disputes provided by CSC COMPAGNIA SVIZZERA CAUZIONI SA by filing a specific complaint by registered mail addressed to the Complaints Office at the headquarters of CSC COMPAGNIA SVIZZERA CAUZIONI SA.

The Complaints office, which may also avail itself of the services of external professionals, will respond to the complainant within 60 days of receipt of the complaint.

Remains firm, and without prejudice the possibility of the parts and of CSC COMPAGNIA SVIZZERA CAUZIONI S.A. to seek to the competent judicial authority at any given time, therefore also pending the aforementioned procedure of complaint.

“This document is a simple translation into English of the original document in Italian, the official language of Cantone Ticino, which can be found on the website Therefore, in the event of inaccuracies, errors, imprecisions, or difficulties in interpreting this document, the original document in Italian shall prevail; this also applies if there is a contrast between what is reported in this document and what is reported in the original document in Italian. - Il presente documento è la traduzione semplice in lingua inglese del documento originario in lingua italiana, lingua ufficiale del Cantone Ticino, presente sul sito; pertanto in caso di inesattezze, errori, imprecisioni, difficoltà interpretative del presente documento, prevale il documento originario in lingua Italiana; questo anche nel caso in cui vi fosse un contrasto fra quanto riportato nel presente documento e quanto riportato sul documento originario in lingua Italiana.”